January 04, 2011

What Makes Someone Attractive?

I was talking to the babe about who may be attractive what makes someone attractive (ok fine, HOT!) . When I asked him if he was playing "two truths and one lie" he said that he just wanted an idea of what kind of person I found attractive. Um, really? well, I hadn't really thought about it in a long while, so I thought it might be fine to write the stuff down. If I was asked about what kind of men I find attractive I'd probably have to put it in pictures, so I did a little fun googling:

Yes it is no secret that I find Mark Ruffalo hot!  

Some of you may know this local weather man, someone please hand me a fan!! :-)

There's other examples of attractive guys in my mind, but let's be realistic; #1 the chances of meeting these guys in real life are probably next to none--well I can always stalk them, but hey, I have to work, pay rent, child support and alimony , I don't think I'd have the time honestly---er, so where was I? Oh yeah what makes a person attractive... #2 there's no telling if their personalities are really a match to their good looks, I mean they're celebrities, their job is to be liked and wanted by the masses, right?

I hate to be cliquish but to me attraction goes far beyond a good looking man. I mean I could have a teenage girl type-crush on someone but it may be more because of what the person might represent to me than what their actual personality is. To me an attractive man (heck or a woman but work with me here!) is someone who carries themselves with confidence. I don't necessarily mean the A-type person that walks into a room and demands attention from everyone but the one that might move through the room and mingle, at least be open to talking to a perfect stranger and if nothing else try to find something in common. I suppose someone funny and nice and certainly in a non-threatening way, just someone who is level-headed and grounded enough to know that you might find good to maybe bad conversations and everything else in between. Some of you that have met the babe know what I've described is some of what attracts me to him so freaking much--but the person I'm describing can also be young or older, slim, bald, nerdy, whatever we may want to label it, physical traits come and go and although they may dictate the first laws of attraction let's face it, bodies age...

I don't know if that covers what I'm trying to say. I also realize that the first time I meet a person I may or may not be able to capture that attractive personality that I enjoy. It might take a few meetings as people get more familiar and comfortable talking and disclosing themselves and by all means it doesn't mean that once a person fits the criteria I want to develop a romantic relationship. There are layers, lots and lots of layers here. This is why in my opinion first (possibly even second) dates are not the kind of place to think: Where is this going? It takes much, much more than that to find that common attraction. I have no scientific basis for anything I'm saying, these are just my personal observations.

So, now it is your turn, what (or who) do you find attractive?


  1. After thinking of your question for most of the day, I finally realized that I was caught in a dilemma. I could write what I thought everyone wanted to hear and write about a man's confidence, integrity, kindness, and generosity, or I could just tell the truth.

    I guess in the end the truth won out. What is attractive to me? The formula is simple--wide shoulders, hard abs, and a tight ass... :-) (Truth makes a guy feel so much better....)

  2. Ha, ha, ha! Clive!
    I really appreciate your candor and honesty!