January 01, 2011

New Year, New Post!!

Well sorry about the silence of the last few months...

Like I said before, life has happened and that is what has kept me busy for a while. I am not exactly sure where to begin again here, knowing that there are people that visit this place now and then. Life is complicated and has many layers which sometimes makes it exhausting trying to remember what I said and to whom. I want to put an end to that right now. My one and only resolution this year is to be authentic. I was considering posting this on Facebook and I'm still debating that (so much for being authentic, ha!) so I'm posting it here as a means of opening the dialog--and it is a start. I'll probably end up doing a link to this blog in a very casual way and let whoever wants to come visit and read it and then go from there.

I signed up for Facebook roughly in November of 2008, not really knowing what to expect and soon enough I was connecting with people back to my days in middle school back in Mexico, high school in Houston, mission, church days, past & present work, old and new friends made all in between all those times and of course, immediate and extended family.

I don’t consider my life to be that extraordinary, but experiences and events in my life have made it what it is & the people who have been in and out of it through the years have definitely shaped to be what it is, for better or worse… So where does that leave little ordinary me? While I don’t expect everyone to know everything about me at all times, and agree/disagree with me, I find that I censor myself here a lot (who doesn’t?). The people that are close to me know enough of what's going on and I like that, but there are times when I am still in fear of offending people's feelings and I suppose in an attempt to make everyone aware of what’s really going on in my life and the people I interact on site together, here it goes:

  • I used to go to high school in Texas but I graduated many years ago! :-)
  • I was a missionary in Mexico for the LDS church a long time ago, but that was then
  • I was married for 16 years, but I am divorced now (as of May of 2010)
  • I have two amazing and beautiful children who are very smart, outspoken, and feisty and the light of my life
  • I have not been an active Mormon for several years
  • I am a gay man and I am finally comfortable with who I am and who I’ve become. The journey has not been easy by any standards and I had to overcome a lot of issues first with myself and then as I became more comfortable with other people. My X knows, my kids know, my parents and siblings all know so there is no need to keep anything or anyone else in the dark. I am dating a very amazing guy at the moment at the same time learning how to mesh and combine all the parts of my life that have got me where I am and where my life leads.

If you’re still reading this far, I need to clarify that just as all the different areas of my life it is just that, things about me; they all are components of my life, not the one thing that makes me as an individual and after thinking about it, I have decided that I want to talk about any of those aspects at any given time. So I'm revamping this blog and will incorporate many of those things into it. 

Another confession: You see, I have also been cheating on this blog with another blog. I don't know that I want to post a direct link here, but you can always request it and I'll be happy to send for your amusement and there will likely be other people who followed me there migrate into this one eventually (I hope!)

And that's probably the best I can do right now...

So that's my big update,

Happy New Year!!

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