January 03, 2011

Undercover Boss

I was watching the show Undercover Boss on CBS last night. I started watching it a while ago because once I forgot to change the channel after The Amazing Race and I was kind of hooked after that. I find it interesting that a lot of CEO's don't know how to to the basic jobs of their companies, if anything they're challenged far beyond their abilities and often times are told that they would not be hired if they were really competing for the job they failed to do, then they end up surprising their own employees by showing them that they are the main bosses. It makes for interesting reality TV if nothing else.

I've had all kinds of bosses in the past, some are so, so but the place where I work now believes in promoting people from within, which means that a manager today probably did the job I was doing when I first entered and although processes and things change, they at least always have the memory of what is like to be a front-line worker and I suppose that is a good thing. Maybe the show is onto something, maybe not make the CEO's themselves go back and do the front-line jobs but at least anyone above middle management should be required to go back ever so often and and perhaps all companies should implement something similar to that because in my experience, as soon as someone makes it even slightly above front-line it is easy to lose skills and remember what it was like to have the blood, sweat and tears flow from their bodies, but that's just my opinion.

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