June 22, 2011

Bucket List

I've often been asked what's on my bucket list and I've tried to start a list over and over again, never really putting a solid list together and I figured that it has to be a living/changing list for me. So I got thinking that maybe I ought to collect pictures of the things I want to do or places I want to see and label them Bucket List, Bucket List Part I, II, III until I run out of things I want to do or places I want to see (or until I don't know the next Roman numeral, LOL!). So here's a couple of them to get the list started (in no particular order):

I'd love to see Madrid, Barcelona, heck why not even run with the bulls in Pamplona. I'd also like to either see the Island of Palma or the Canary Islands but if nothing else, visit Cadiz and Gibraltar (although I know it is really Great Britan, not Spain--but hey, that's 2 countries!)--. This has been in my list of places to see for many, many years.

There's just something enigmatic about this place. I hear it is a real trek to get there and there's never a guarantee that a visitor might see the whole thing because it may be foggy, but I still want to see it and take in the energy of a place like this. I've visited pyramids in Mexico and you can just feel the place as being so beyond any expectations.

I'd like to take a good week or two and visit The White House, Congress, Library of Congress, Lincoln Memorial and lots of other monuments and of course, take in as much of the Smithsonian as I can handle. If it were that I traveled to DC in the Spring so I can see the blossoms, it would be even better! 

 This is one of the few areas of Mexico that I have not visited. I'd like to see this but more the archeological area of Chichen Itza and visit some Zenotes and other natural areas.

All in good time, I'm sure. Have any readers visited any of these areas and what parts would you recommend I see in these places? As I mentioned above, this list is to be continued...


  1. Cadiz is beautiful! I loved it there. Its my favorite city in Spain!

    Machu Pichu s on my list too!

  2. Kiley!!
    I've heard lots of cool things about Cadiz so Spain really is on my top list of places...maybe I'll have to take you as a tour guide; you know, to speak the language? LOLOLOL