June 20, 2011


I have always been sort of a nomad--not by intention--or maybe I have, don't really know. The longest I ever lived in a place (that I recall anyway) was 3 years in the house we owned in the past--the house I once thought I'd be carried out in a body bag someday--before we sold it....sigh

I think I learned the art of moving from my parents. In a 10-year span when I was growing up we must have moved an average of once a year--and we weren't even a military family!! Of course having 7 kids and 2 adults doesn't really translate into a lot of stability in almost any shape/form but we had moving down to a science. Same when I moved out of my parent's place and while married, aside from the 3 years in the same home there was an average move about once a year. I'm getting sick just thinking and realizing this because it didn't really allow me to grow roots anywhere. What was I running from? I remember thinking every single time: After this time the next move is to a permanent home, not to move again.

Well, I'm doing it yet once more and it still isn't to a permanent home; but I'm hoping that that will end someday, I really honestly do...

My lease expires at the end of June and I'm moving yet once more, lucky for me I've been able to remain in the current place for 2 years, so that's progress, right? I know how everyone always says that moving sucks---and believe me it does---I know I'm a very adaptable and change doesn't really scare me and all, but why on earth do I keep doing it so much? I should just learn to live out of a suitcase, but I really need to move and when thinking about it, there are a couple of very basic, but main reasons:

1. Save $$ in rent and commuting costs
2. Be closer to work--I can literally walk to work--woot!
3. Be closer to a certain someone :-) --this is probably the main motivator for this move no matter how I try to spin it, there I've said it. 

I went through the usual--should I--no I shouldn't move--but there's all these advantages--

When I moved to my current place 2 years ago it was 1/2 desperation as we were splitting up and things just had to happen in a reactionary way--it was tough and crazy. Things are a bit different now; the bottom line is that the kids are in a good place of their own and are pretty settled at this point and I'm still in the same county so it isn't like I'm moving to a new state or even across the state. Part of me feels that it is time to move on for me and I'm part nervous, but mostly excited to be able to do this.

So here's to new beginnings!


  1. I'm jealous. I wish I could move. :-) Moving is always exciting to me 'cause it means new people and new opportunities. Glad yer mostly excited!

  2. Hi Troy!
    Yeah maybe the part of new beginnings is what appeals to me as part of a move, after all there's plenty of 'new' when this happens and if anything looking at the positive side of things really makes a difference! Thanks for your comment.