June 13, 2011

BOM Musical

I watched The Tonys for the first time ever last night. Don't take my gay card away please--I've made up for my sin of omission by purchasing the BOM Musical soundtrack on Amazon.com for $1.99 and burned a CD for Jeff so I'm doing my part to spread the message! :-)

I was surprised by the BOM Musical number featured and as I kept hearing the words I could not find anything really doctrinally wrong with what the elder was singing but I found it more amusing the # of times that the audience laughed at the lyrics and thought: "Wow to be 19 years old and a believer"...

I remembered being a naive 19-year old and telling a businessman in Mexico City the story of the plates, how Joseph Smith found them, translated them and published the BOM with literally no education and how proud and humble this made me. The man then asked me what happened to the plates after they were translated and me giving him the standard seminary answer: "The angel took them" and thinking to myself: "Did I really just say that?" I think the guy read my expression and body language and smirked to himself...I don't think I got a convert that day... watching that performance felt a lot like that experience.

I honestly think that the LDS Church is benefiting more from the publicity of this musical than any other possible damage that the musical may cause. The soundtrack is pretty obscene in some parts, so if one is easily offended it isn't going to be a good experience. However if a member gets Robert Kirby's (writer from the Salt Lake Tribune) humor then it should be pretty harmless, so enjoy!


  1. Nice. I downloaded it for the $1.99 price this afternoon as well. Haven't had a chance to listen to it yet however. Hopefully tomorrow. Can't wait.

  2. Hi WQ!
    Thanks for your comment, I listened to the whole soundtrack yesterday it was good, some catchy tunes!