July 11, 2011

Is there anything that prepares you to hear it?

I don't think anyone likes to hear that a loved-one is in the hospital. I heard of a friend that was having surgery and went to visit her on Friday morning. Spent a little time catching up and wishing her well. Later on I missed a call from my dad--when I got around to calling him back I could feel in the tone of his voice that he was worried. He told me that he had been in the ER with mom since the night before.

They had been doing testing and up to the morning they were still in the middle of it all but they finally decided to admit her. My first reaction was to panic --and ask why they didn't call me before? -he said he didn't want me or the other siblings to panic--oh...

Move forward to today. Mom is still in the hospital and they're doing a biopsy... It kind of sucks being so far away and not being able to do much, but I'm not a doctor so it isn't like I'd be able to do anything being there either...so we just sit and wait and make an attempt to keep distracted until I hear again...


  1. Awe. Best wishes to you and your family during this difficult time

  2. I can so relate. My thoughts and support are with you.

  3. Thanks for your comments Island Guy and Kim and others who've sent messages privately.