July 18, 2011

Catching up with the Mohosphere...

I promise I haven't forgotten my blog duties (or the 3 people who read it, ha, ha, ha!).
  •  Update on mom: She's out of the hospital and waiting for biopsy results, at this time it is just a matter of time to know what we're facing in the form of a diagnosis. Thanks to all who've sent their support here or texts/emails.
  • Had lunch with a few Mohos last week, first on Tuesday with Gay LDS Actor, I testify that he exists! :-) We had a good time talking about his work, his partner and life overall, time flew by and he is the nicest guy who keeps really busy, I vote we all drag him into more Moho activities when he is not busy acting. Then on Friday I had lunch with Jeff, Kiley (who brought me a cool house-warming present, YAY!) and David and we chatted, laughed and ate. I think we almost have Kiley convinced not to go back to Louisiana--who knows maybe we should have hid the keys to her car!
  • I've been challenged to run a 10K in September, which means that I have to put some serious running in to train and add miles to my running. I was able to do almost 4 miles last Saturday without feeling like I was going to die, so I'm getting there, YAY! 

  • I'm working on a couple of more serious postings too but seriously this weather has been so nice that the last thing I want to do is sit at the computer and type (and a certain handsome man is also keeping me busy, since we live so close together---not that I'm complaining at all) Woot!


  1. Life comes at you fast...It's obvious you can handle it! Luv ya, man.

  2. Hey Miguel...thanks for adding my blog. We seem to have a few things in common..including running I see. Good for you in wanting to do a 10k.

    I usually run 4 times a week for 3 miles...could do more, but i'm really just wanting to gradually improve. When I was 28, i could do 4 miles in 30 min. still the same 30 min.....but only 3. My eventual goal is to get to 6 miles in 30-35 min, four times per week. This could take awhile..but meantime it's so good. I'm getting rid of stress, and the big life choices are getting easier to picture and do. Thanks for you inspiration :)

  3. Hello Troy, Clive and Brian,

    Thanks for all your kind words and comments!