May 13, 2011

I'm not gay but I think my boyfriend is...

He, he ,he!

No worries, this is not a Dear Abby story in which a very suspecting woman asks Dear Abby about the man in her life who is very sensitive, has a high fashion sense and loves to watch chick flicks... This posting is more to welcome the boyfriend (FKA--formerly known as-The Babe since he also said he doesn't like to be called that). I finally gave him the blog address and he said he is going to read it---he better post comments too since the blog is 1/2 about him anyway! :-) He has a name, and while this blog is just about as public as anything can get, I forgot to ask if it is OK to use his real name---

So everyone please waive and say: "Hi!" to the boyfriend!!


  1. It's not that I DISLIKE being called the Babe-- quite the contrary-- but I also like being called Jeff... :)

    Uh... and being called "Tastycakes"

    Love you loco!!

  2. Hi, Jeff! I often call people "Babycakes" a combination - how would that work?