May 14, 2011

Coming Out Stories on Netflix

I've been getting hooked on streaming shows on Netflix lately and ran across a series from Logo called "Coming Out stories".

I've loved watching all the different backgrounds and points of view yet they all as as poignant and touching about the difficulties of coming out to loved ones. A couple of points that I keep hearing:

1. I don't want to disappoint my ___________
2. The anxiety and shame of feeling like they can't be themselves--their true selves by holding out this information from their loved ones.
3. Most of the relatives (parents, siblings, ex-spouses) first reaction is: "I already know" or "I've known but I wanted to give you time"
4. Tears... Make sure you have tissue close by...

It has been great to watch. I recommend that you watch it if you can!


  1. I watched those last week! They were great! I also liked the TransGeneration on Netflix too. It follows four transgendered college students as they transition from male to female or female to male.

  2. Where is the "like button" for Kiley's comment???

  3. I just finished watching the series... Pretty epic! I'll check those out too!