February 07, 2011

The Power of the Nap

I'm not sure how I learned about The Art Of Manliness website (probably got it from someone's links) but every now and then there are interesting articles and advice that just make sense to add into life--anyone's life for that matter, not just men. Such is today's topic: Unleash the Power of the Nap. I'm one of those people that used to fall asleep at the movie theater or watching a TV show--turns out that used to be caused by sleep apnea which is a whole other medical issue--but this is completely different. If you have the time to read the article it says that our overworked society almost makes it taboo to dedicate down time to recharge but turns out that the habit of taking a siesta is not just out of laziness, it originated in Roman times, passed down to Spaniards and now I understand why a lot of businesses in Mexico (and Latin America) actually have prescribed down time during the day.

The article also says that naps can be nice and invigorating and that they may need to be tailored according to how you need to replace your energy--right like I have that much control of my life?  Sadly I don't take them or don't take advantage of them like I should. I've always enjoyed a cat nap on Sunday afternoons and I do notice the difference it makes--but I can't do that really late in the day, say no later than 2 and only for about 20 minutes or so or then it messes up my sleep patterns and I'm wide awake when I shouldn't be but never, never take a nap during the week, I mean that would obstruct with so many things going on in my life (walk, gym, blogging, Facebook, catch up with friends, pay bills) sounds like I ought to re-evaluate my priorities! :-) 

So for now I do enjoy the occasional weekend catnap especially if I can get some sun rays shinning through the window (and if a certain-someone happens to be at my house and we get to cuddle) now that's pure bliss! I can understand having little kids and take a nap right along side when they crash--but my babies have never been the kind to do that even when they were toddlers they were always going and going and nowadays pinning down a teenager would probably just be plain annoying to them. Finally the article does have some suggestions on how to incorporate it into one's life, it is worth a try I suppose.

So do you nap? Do you wish you could--now that I think about it, I wish I did!!


  1. I can relate! Thanks for the post and the link.

  2. Thanks IP, I need to heed my own advice and try to take a nap, but there are just not enough hours in the day!! :-)

  3. I wish I could nap. Like you I will catch one on an occasional Sunday. I even have a napping blanket. My problem is that I usually feel groggy and out of sorts when I wake up. It's gotten better as I've gotten older. But if I'm going to nap is generally a good idea not to have anything important to do for the balance of the day. I've always envied people who can lay their heads down for 20 minutes and then hop up and get back to it.