February 27, 2011

Belgium couple update: Samuel is home with his dads!!

I had previously posted the Youtube video of the guys in Belgium whose son was stuck in Ukraine due to all the legal red-tape. Finally after a lot of support, petitions Samuel is coming home!

Oddly enough we were watching a movie last night: Patrick 1.5 that my good friend Controllerone had recommended and it dawned on me that the definition of families is nothing like many people would like to think: A mom, a dad, two kids and a dog. Families come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Just look around your neighborhoods and people that you work with and soon enough you'll realize that families are much more than that.

I'm glad that at least as humanity we're coming along in learning that all we need is love... God bless John, Paul, George and Ringo for teaching us that!



  1. I'm so excited about that couple in Belgium. I watched that video a while ago and felt so sad for them. Thanks for updating me!!

  2. There's a line in "You've Got Mail" where the Tom Hanks character explains his family relationship to the two children with him. "Matt is my father's son. Annabelle is my grandfather's daughter. We are... a modern American family." Yep families are not all the traditional "nuclear" family anymore. Sometimes we even need to choose our own families, if our biological or families of origin do not accept us or meet our needs.