January 30, 2009

Who knew I was a dog person?

Meet Jude--the dog that isn't mine, except when it comes to walking, feeding and bathing : ) I had tried to resist owning a dog for the longest time, citing they're just like having another child--an he is! I used to make fun of my co-workers whenever they spoke about their pooches and would tell them "it is just a dog!!!" Now I'm the one being made fun of.
Jude was born in July and came to our house around Labor Day weekend. The house has never been the same since he arrived. Before that time there had never been so many shoes and socks chewed and scattered all over the house. He has come a long ways from his first days at the house when he was a scared little mutt to now basically running the household. Not much can be done in the house without considering what happens to Jude, will we be gone long? Will he have enough water and food? Did you stop by to get treats for the dog?

He loves to amuse me with his quirky things and there's never lack of fun watching him, like whenever a door bell rings on TV, he immediately assumes someone is at our door, or when he runs into the back door beccause he can't tell whether the door is closed or open--I know, cruel, but he's getting better at it!
The one thing that edears me is the amount of loyalty that this dang mutt has for us. His love is unconditional and while at times gets to be a spoiled brat, he is also loving and caring. He took to me as his alpha-dog and follows me around everywhere. He loves the kids and my wife, but will follow me anywhere if I let him. He sleeps next to the bed on the floor--I have sleep apnea;there have been a couple of times that I haven't worn my c-pap and I swear that he has tapped me and woke me out of my sleep, I don't know if he has that instinct, but I was telling my wife that he probably feels that it is his duty to protect me, more than the other way around. It has been an interesting relationship. He loves his early morning and late night walks, I swear that I benefit way more than I ever anticipated being bothered by it. We had tried having dogs before but the experiences had not been as positive as this time...

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