January 22, 2009

Diabetes Talk

If you don't know from my old Windows Live blog, I was diagnosed with Diabetes type II last year. I don't like it, but I think I've learned to live with it, more so I've learned to do something about it instead of just having it.

That's OK, I blame genes for about 60% of it, but the other 40% was probably my doing. I try to have yearly physicals and up to early 2007 nothing had come up in labwork. I didn't have a physical early last year because I was living it up in Southern California and didn't have insurance. I was also packing in the tacos and every other kind of delicious food I could think of and when I came back to Utah it hit me like a ton of bricks. We were still living at my mother in-laws--I don't blame her at all, really :) -- around that time when my kidneys started hurting, of course I was thirsty as heck and going to the bathroom at all hours of the day. I had made an appointment to see the doctor, but my co-worker must have noticed that I was off-whack and he tested my blood with his glucometer and I was at about 380. He literally grabbed me and took me to the ER. By the time I got there and they tested me again I was about 475 (of course I was stressed/scared out of my mind) but then got under control with injected insulin.

The doctor says it was just a matter of time given my family history. Now I live my life according to my blood sugar levels, finger pokings and how far can I go without eating. That's OK, I have managed to keep my levels seemingly under control (around 120), I know it isn't the ideal, but I like the challenge of not having to take my medication if I do everything I'm supposed to and it seems to work! So I'll also be posting some diabetes talk here from what I hear, read and run across the internets!


  1. Me too - about four years ago and still struggling with medication adjustments, diet, weight, trying to exercise. It's HARD sometimes.

  2. Good morning, Miguel,

    I landed here through Hopie's blog. No MySpace, Facebook nor a personal blog under my belt to date--but may I still check in from time to time to say howdy, and read how you're doing?

    Debbie Too

  3. Hi Deb!

    Thanks for dropping by!