January 20, 2009

Hail to the Chief!!!

January 20th, 2009. I never thought this date will ever get here. Not because of who is in charge now, but because I honestly never thought I'd ever see this in my lifetime--the first minority president in the Oval Office!! I respect the office of the President and anyone who is brave enough to run for this office, but since I became a Naturalized US Citizen I had never been lucky enough to have the man I voted for be elected until this time around.

I sat on November 4th with my family in front of the TV at 9:00pm when they announced it as official that he was the new President of the United States. I felt a lump in my throat, I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't hide it from my children and told them it was OK to let it out and they to started crying as we watched history in the making. I don't think being in Chicago in person that day would have been any more meaningful had we been invited to be there in person. I am very proud to be an American, but this time the pride just swelled.

I don't know if my candidate will get elected every time I vote, but it feels amazing to see the fruits of your work, getting people (mainly friends and family) motivated to register to vote and watch some of them vote for the first time ever. The momentum that this movement took even in Utah was amazing, one I will never forget and I"m sure there's yet hope in Utah for future Democrat candidates. I've also managed to turn my children into raging Democrats and I don't make any excuses about it--it would probably be easier to be republican in my state, certainly would have more company, but just don't see where the ideals of that party (while worthy) just don't mesh with mine.

So now I honor the new President of the United States, Barak Obama. A man who gives people hope for the future, hope that although we are are in hard times we can pull together as communities as a country and as a world.

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  1. Change in which we can believe!

    We're bleeding-heart liberals at my house so we're happy too.