February 10, 2009

Worst day at work ever!!!

I had what is probably the worst day at my job yesterday. I normally don't like to talk smack about my job because after all, my fair employer could find out about it and don't want to be in trouble with them.

But yesterday was just a bad day overall, no control over anything, panic ensuing everywhere I turned and no way to keep things under wraps. We implemented a new system and that is usually how things go, the first day things are insane and there didn't seem to be a way to mitigate anything; as the day progressed, things just kept getting worse. Finally at 6:30pm I felt beat up, overwhelmed and well, defeated.
I got in my car and I couldn't take it anymore, I hit the steering wheel a few times and screamed a few obscenities and for some reason, it all felt better : ) !!! I kept telling myself not not take anything personal, but I just couldn't. Most of the problems were such that I could not do anything about them from where I sat, yet I felt powerless.

I love my job. I seriously get up in the morning and look forward to doing my job most days and while I knew there were going to be problems and challenges, I was very optimistic at 7:00 am Monday morning, but all of that was dashed in the evening. Apparently I managed to snap at a few people and bite a few heads off, which is nothing like I normally am--I had to walk around today issuing public apologies for my behavior yesterday, which was the worst ever for me. I have to confess that I was reluctant to face today, but had to anyway, nothing I could do about it, but today is a brand new day and things are not nearly as bad as yesterday. I have to somehow figure out a way to prepare to deal with another possible day like that, what to do, how to cope and how not to react negatively.

Was it the full moon?

How do you deal with a day from hell at work?

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