February 15, 2009

25 Things...

Thanks to Facebook and my darling niece who tagged me, I give you 25 things:

1. My earliest baby memory is looking through the bars on my crib. I have no idea what age I was, but had to have been very young (unless I was in a crib way past baby age) I’m sure that my mom thought I was asleep!!!
2. When I was about 11 my sister sent me on an errand across Mexico City by myself. I rode 2 buses and 2 subway lines each way to find my aunt, who was mortified that I was sent all alone. I didn’t think it was that big a deal, I knew where I was the whole time!
3. I learned to drive at age 13, my older cousin Angel and I were washing my sister’s car and he threw the keys at me and told me to drive, so I did. That means I’ve been driving for almost 30 years!
4. I discovered Mexican Folkloric Dancing in Junior High and loved it! I danced for a couple of years and not ever again until about 20 years later in Salt Lake I joined a group and it is still as fun as it was back then (but I get tired much faster, of course!).
5. When I moved to Texas from Mexico, I took Spanish classes. I thought it was the dumbest idea ever, until I realized that I was learning English backwards, as the class learned vocabulary, I was doing the reverse and then I also learned Spanish literature and went to a few plays.
6. I was ranked 105 out of about 460 in my graduating high school class, but still 7 notches away from graduating with honors. I still kick myself about that one.
7. I went on an LDS mission at age 18, not 19 as it is the norm. I cheated because I left from Mexico where I could leave 1 year early instead of having to wait an extra year.
8. In 1989 I went to New York City for the first time and went to the World Trade Center. I got lucky enough that time that the weather was clear and they were letting people up to the very top of the tower. I could see helicopters flying “down below”. I also walked all over Manhattan, it was a blast!
9. I almost got a job as a Chiropractor’s assistant in El Paso, Texas once; but the day I was supposed to start he told me never mind, he saw me reading his postage meter during the interview and somehow or other that rubbed him the wrong way (?!?!?). I wonder what would have happened with my career had I worked and stayed there.
10. I worked as a medical assistant for several years in Houston with an old Cuban doctor. It was great and I learned tons of stuff but he was the biggest grouch in the world. Still, I think I was one of his best assistants ever and taught me the concept of being one step ahead of my boss.
11. I have three siblings still in Mexico that if I ran into them on the street, I would probably not recognize them. Sad, but true.
12. I’m a big movie buff, but my favorite movie of all time is Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, followed by Stand by Me. The one movie that makes me cry is Legends of the fall, when Tristan cries by the graveside of his younger brother because he couldn’t save him during the war.
13. When I met my wife she hated me, she thought I was arrogant and a big show off!
14. I’m a big technology geek. I love to have gizmos and gadgets and wouldn’t mind spending tons of money on them if I could…. (I heart my iPhone!)
15. As much as I love email, nothing beats a hand-written letter or card. My dad showed me how to write good, sincere and heart-felt letters as a kid and anytime I write one (not often enough!) I remember him showing me how to do one.
16. I had never been to Canada until four years ago when I visited Niagara Falls with my wife and kids. We also visited Toronto, loved both cities. A couple of years later I visited Vancouver, BC
17. That trip to Niagara Falls was also the first time I ate a New York stake (yep in Canada) and we have been big fans ever since.
18. I can find my way just about anywhere, with little or no directions or remember quickly how to get somewhere I’ve been to before even many, many years later, but I’ve been known to ask the occasional direction from a cop/stranger…gasp!!
19. My favorite holiday is Halloween. My kids have converted me into dressing up and enjoying it all the way. I love Valentine’s Day almost as much. I don’t have a least favorite one, but Christmas is way down on the list.
20. I love road trips. Probably stems from the fact that I had a big family and plane rides were scarce, but love to get in the car, buy junk food, play good music and drive for hours and hours.
21. About 10 years ago, I went back to college to finish my degree & get my boss’ job as a clinic manager, but once a got a job as a clinic manager, I HATED IT!
22. Our extended relatives call us the M&M family; our first and last name initials are all the same for all 4 of us Miguel/Monica/Marco/Megan.
23. I hated the thought of ever drinking diet soda, until I was told that I was a diabetic and I couldn’t drink regular soda anymore. I got used to it in less than a week and now I think instead of having a diabetic ID bracelet, I think I’ll tattoo a Diet Pepsi logo on my wrists.
24. I have driven the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) from San Francisco to LA twice, most fun drive ever and very therapeutic, I highly recommend it.
25. I can’t relax, literally. If I’m watching TV I have to be doing something else, folding clothes, cleaning the kitchen, whatever, if I just sit to watch TV, I fall asleep.

Now all this listing was exhausting!!!

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