February 14, 2013

Song on the Sand - From La Cage Aux Folles

I try not to be too sappy on Valentine's day--after all if I want to profess love to my partner it should be done any day and every day if I want to--no need to have a day to remind me, but I find it both funny and maybe ironic that a song from a musical takes me there and I got to learn that this show is the musical version of the movie The Birdcage which I really like.


While browsing around Facebook I saw a message from Carol Lynn Pearson where she talks about stories related to this video:


La Cage Aux Folles--the play was significant to Carol Lynn's husband who was dying of AIDS and wanted to see it--for the first time in theater it was the story of 2 guys in romantic love, something that even in the early 80's was not so open. In contrast she says that times are better, we can now be more open about our love, talk about it, show pictures and make it an open and public issue. Yes, times change, people's perceptions and even self-acceptance change.

Something about sharing...
Something about always...

okay, I'll stop the sappiness...

Still, long before knowing songs about love, I grew up knowing that Valentine's day was more than a day to celebrate romantic love:

In Spanish we say: Feliz Dia del Amor y la Amistad = Happy day of love and friendship and in my mind, love isn't only romantic, it should be shared in its many wonderful forms--that's just how it should be!

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  1. I was raised thinking that Valentime's Day was for love in general plus romantic love. I guess that is why it did not bother me during my single years.

    I took over the flowers for mom after dad died. A dozen red roses plus chocolates were for Valentine's. An orchid was for their anniversary. A Christmas floral arrangement was for her December birthday.

    I was with her on their anniversary during an unscheduled visit two weeks before she died. I could not find a florist in the rush of flying to Utah and ended up buying an arrangement from a Smith's Market in Ogden. Mom loved the flowers anyway even though they were not orchids.

    I was not prepared for how emotional I felt when I ordered my guy's floral arrangement. It just felt good ordering them as an out gay man who is in love and is happy.