January 14, 2013

My fair life

Well the holidays came and are gone--it all seems almost like a blur...but they were good holidays, in fact my son mentioned that it was the best Christmas he had in many years--I think it had more with the fact that he is now working and was able to do some of his own sharing of cheer--good times!

We spent a good part of a Sunday clearing out the 2nd bedroom which pretty much came to be Christmas central--where all the bags, presents, boxes, wrapping paper and crafts came to rest while we figured out who they were going to, where they were being sent and all that good stuff. Afterwards we ironed a pile of clothing that had been neglected because we mainly had casual days at work and didn't need dress shirts; ironing is one of those chores that is left to the last possible moment--basically when there's no other choice, so we pop in a DVD and take turns ironing a few pieces each to make it easier and less of a daunting task.

This time the movie was My Fair Lady--I watched that years ago with my kid. It is one of those classic musicals that I love to watch and the music is great--of course Jeff and I get to sing along this time and somewhere in there I thought to myself: "I have a fabulous life--a great person in my life, we share in all things here, cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing and I get to do all of that while watching musicals... how much fortunate can I get?"

This is my fair life as of late...and it is damn good!


  1. Great post - happy for you, Jeff, and your son.

    I am so old that I remember seeing "My Fair Lady" in its 1964 movie release :)

  2. Yay! I love you! Was your desire to wear ironed clothes a clue before you came out? :)

  3. Thanks for your comments Dean and Hope.

    Dean: I'd love to think of the glamor of 1964, LOL.

    Hope: It is one of those things that I must have got from my mission, I loved wearing a crisp-ironed shirt and even while I was married I would very much iron my own clothes (and the whole family) than allow anyone else to do it wrong--ha, ha... Now I just let Jeff iron anyway he wants, just feel glad he wants to share the experience with me--except he still mocks me when I want to iron our jeans--he's winning me over on that one! :-)