June 08, 2012

Time flies when you're having flan...

I haven't done a good job at updating this blog, life has been busy and yes--some of it did include having Flan, in case you were wondering...

Last month came and went so fast I was having a hard time keeping up:

--I made Flan for a Spicy Dinner potluck in May and won the prize for best dessert, yeah!!!

--Between wrapping up the last apartment contract, setting up the new one and everything in between, the move to the new place finally happened. Combining two households was kind of fun, probably because aside from clothes and a couple of pieces of furniture, I got rid of almost anything that wasn't worth bringing to the new place. I'm glad I was able to take a week off work so things were not as hectic and was somehow able to pace things a little better. I was happy that Jeff would pack some of his stuff, bring it over and then I'd open the box and have a mini-Christmas morning episode opening boxes, unpacking and putting away pretty dishes and things! :-) 

--My son turned 18 one week and graduated the next one. His birthday dinner was nice, he chose Brazilian food--we had a great time. The next week I came up to his high school graduation and when I saw him wearing his cap and gown I just held him and I started crying--my baby boy made it through this milestone--I spent the commencement ceremony 1/2 crying and remembering how hard he has worked to get there.

--Pride 2012 came and went--had a lot of fun meeting new friends and seeing some that I don't get to see often. One of the things that I love about Pride is watching some of the new guys on the Utah Gay Father's group who have either recently come out or are in the process attend their first Pride festival, parade or event--it really must be what watching an angel get his wings must be like in my mind--it is nice to watch someone else go through that experience. It was way fun to volunteer, march and be completely exhausted by the end of the event, all great feelings.

Life is now back to normal--well I don't know that life has ever been normal--if someone knows what that is, please let me know, ha! But at least we're getting into routines and while Jeff and I are navigating through the newness of being/living together and all that it entails I'm especially excited to move forward with this part of my life--excited is probably not the right word, I'm ecstatic that this is happening to me! I'm one lucky man.  Who'd knew that 3 years ago I'd be in this place and I for one can't wipe the silly grin off my face!

Here's to moving on to bigger and better things, that's for sure!!!!


  1. So adorable! I'm the lucky one, guapo! We have a good life!! Xoxoxk

  2. I love the title of this post. Brilliant!