January 11, 2012

Salt Lake is the Gayest City!!

Congratulations Salt Lake City!!

If you haven't read the article, here it is. The criteria is kind of weird but hey I'm sure that Utah's tourism board will gladly take the attention that this is getting. Other organizations may not be so amused (if I were they I would definitely spin it in the direction of saying: "See? We're gay friendly in spite of requiring people to believe otherwise").

Times must be changing, in my non-scientific opinion, but I believe so much more can/should be done. We were sitting among friends a couple of nights ago and someone brought up the fact that a lot of Mormon families feel the conflict between loving their religion vs loving their gay children, cousins, friends. I suppose it might take some time, serious thought and perhaps even personal struggle but in the end LOVE has got to win--it has to, family and love have to trump policies instituted by a bunch of retired men running a corporation.

I have seen this kind of love being put into practice over and over and yeah while I don't expect families to drape themselves in a rainbow flag and march at the next Pride, at the very least they're being loving and accepting of their gay relatives, their partners and allowing them to be part of their lives. Again, love has to be the factor here.

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  1. Amen! I'm optimistic about the direction things are going.