November 22, 2011

Holiday Wishes

It wasn't long ago that as soon as I heard "White Christmas" for the first time in the holiday season I would get this horrible feeling of darkness and a horrible feeling of hopelessness and loneliness that granted, was mostly brought upon by myself, but it was a real feeling nonetheless. Thankfully that feeling has faded vastly and I'm in a place where I feel blessed beyond anything I could ever dream. Still as I see the wave of messages about being thankful for blessings and good fortune I can't but think of people out there who have a hard time with the holidays.

I'm part of a support group for gay dads. Some of them are newly out, some are going through separations and divorces or some kind of life adjustment. Some of the fathers are being shunned by their very own immediate families and in-laws. It is sad enough for parents not to see their children and the other way around, but it is even sadder when families shun their own members. I don't know if we've learned anything about watching out and taking care of each other. I ask myself if Jesus would do that to his own family? It also breaks my heart to see when partners (who may or may not be out) are not able to share or bring their significant other to their family functions because of all the possible implications and holidays are not spent in full/real celebration.

But it isn't just gay dads or LGBT people who could be going through this, it doesn't take much to notice others who may be going through the same and it doesn't take long to figure that out; for instance the homeless person walking down the street, the elderly lady looking out her apartment window, a traveler and the list goes on and one...


If you're in a position to reach out please do so. Make a call, send a text, send an email, drop in on someone that you know is alone. I've seen friends who have created open events for dinners and are reaching out to people regardless of who they are so that people can be included if they wish. It is a great opportunity to share and meet people that one might not otherwise do. I've been the happy recipient of invitations like this in the past and has helped my sanity immensely.

If nothing else light a candle and think of someone you know (or may not know) who is having a hard time with the holidays or is ill or is simply going through a rough patch. I was taught this years ago by a friend and I honestly forget to do that but I'll make a conscious effort to light a candle each day through the season with that in mind and make a wish that perhaps the next holiday it will be different for everyone and I encourage everyone who may be reading this to do the same and pass it along. 

After all, isn't that in the very least what Jesus would do?

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