March 14, 2009

112 Blood Sugar

This week has been somewhat stressful at work, just too much to do and too much running around and no real time to watch the diet or exercise, so my blood sugar has been a little high.

I had to take my medication twice (I was at about 160) and it usually suppresses it so much it really makes me sicker in the morning (pushes it down to about 95). Big fluctuations like that send my body on a wild spin. Two nights ago I cut my pill in 1/2 and felt much better in the morning. Of course when I do everything like I'm supposed to I don't even have to take my pill---yeah, that means I would have control----ha, ha, ha!

So this morning I felt rested, woke up at 7:00am and took the dog on a 2 mile walk. Checked my blood sugar again and it was at a comfortable 112 before breakfast. My doctor told me he preferred that I was around 90-100, but in my experience being anywhere around that range just doesn't feel good, at least to me.

Oh the joys of Diabetes Type II


  1. I start to feel wonky if mine gets to be 100 or lower. I guess I am just used to it being higher. Mine was 86 before lunch yesterday and I felt like I needed to take care of it RIGHT AWAY. I envy that you are able to control it so well with diet and exercise. I take like a million pills daily and I hate it. I am a a serious weight loss thing right now, that I haven't blogged about. There is actually something in my life I am keeping a little private. Can you believe it? When I get under 200, I'll get a new picture and post it!


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